TuiNa - Taoist massage

he traditional denomination of Chinese massage derives from the name of TUI (push) NA (grasp) techniques. This specification defines the relevance to the traditional principles of the different manipulations. Reference is made to the thousand-year-old tradition of classical Chinese medicine in all its complexity, variety and even contradiction.


Taoist massage is a natural method that expresses knowledge whose theoretical basis is classical Chinese medicine and whose doing is the series of maneuvers, palpations and joint mobilizations as well as the use of accessory techniques such as Moxibustion, cupping, fior di plum and guasha.

Mechanisms of action of TUINA

    • Energy rebalancing of the organism
    • Strengthening of the organic defenses
    • Blood circulation stimulation
    • Joint Action
    • Action on the muscles

"..."... if the patient and the doctor are in resonance, the disease cannot last long"" (SU WEN chap 14)

The concept of resonance is the main axis of the micro and macrocosm relationship and evokes the Yin and Lo Yang therefore the relationship is a symbol that makes both more conscious and allows you to welcome and understand something more about yourself and become aware of your state energetic By connecting the body to blocked emotions and perceptions to allow the profound acceptance of one's own nature and personal potential.

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