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Moxa - Healing with Heat

Moxa - Healing with Heat Moxibustion is suitable for treatments of all pathologies dominated by cold and humidityMoxibustion is suitable for treatments of all pathologies dominated by cold and humidity, whether they have penetrated from the outside or are present within our body. Moxibustion is also useful in chronic pathologies and in pathologies characterized by strong energetic and blood stasis; it serves to tonify Yang and to oppose and expel pathogenic energies while maintaining health. In 2010, it was declared, along with acupuncture, a cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO and included among the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.

Moxa-moxibustion a technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM practiced by Gianluigi FlauretMoxibustion occurs by burning Artemisia powder or charcoal above or near the skin, in order to achieve a warming action on the skin and, consequently, on the underlying and internal structures. Using simple powder or Artemisia cones or cigars produces heating and thermal radiation by conduction. Moxibustion treatment is indicated for knee pain, cold shoulder, back pain, and all cooling pathologies.

The physiotherapist, an expert in Chinese medicine, is able to assess on a case-by-case basis the need to tonify Yang, where necessary, and expel pathogenic energies, promoting the patient's health.

At the Castiglioncello Medical Center, Gianluigi Flauret practices physiotherapy using the wisdom of Chinese medicine. This allows for the non-use of machinery in favor of personalized treatments, ease of use for the patient, and significant time and cost savings.

The result is astonishing and in line with the natural healing process.

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