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for your PSYCHO-PHISICAL well-being, rely on a professional

In today's life you have to choose well who to trust, especially if we talk about psycho-physical well-being. In the case of physiotherapy massages, a doctor must be chosen.

Gianluigi Flauret has been practicing as a physiotherapist, sports masseur, operator and Tuina masseur, operator and teacher of thay stretching for many years. Whether it's sports massages, rehabilitation massages, Tuina massages, lymphatic drainage, massages for specific joint pains, guided stretching ... the great experience of Gianluigi Flauret will allow you to benefit safely from the treatment, usually in a few sessions!

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Physiotherapy and Lymphatic Drainage in Castiglioncello (LI)

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Do you need a really effective lymphatic drainage massage with the Vodder method?
A decontracting physiotherapy massage?
Do you suffer from neck pain, pain or low back pain (back pain)? Are you sporty or do you have knee pain or do you simply have to regenerate your muscles with assisted stretching?

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Who can benefit from applying Back-School methods?

'the most effective and long-lasting method in the treatment of low back pain and low back pain'

The Back-School is able to integrate different methods: the Swedish, American and New Zealand methods with the traditional re-education methods created by Williams, Caillet and Charrière, together with the modern kinesitherapic ones, the Mckenzie mechanical therapy, the Mézières method, the Feldenkrais method , the Alexander method, the Postural Reflexes method, Proprioceptive Reeducation, Souchard's global postural reeducation, Hydrokinesitherapy, Bioenergetics. The Back School does not rely on a single method but chooses it based on the objective to be achieved or the patient's need.

Tuina massage - The Taoist massage

"... if the patient and the doctor are in resonance, the disease cannot last long" ( SU WEN chap 14)

The concept of resonance is the main axis of the micro and macrocosm relationship and evokes the Yin and Lo Yang therefore the relationship is a symbol that makes both more conscious and allows you to welcome and understand something more about yourself and become aware of your state energetic By connecting the body to blocked emotions and perceptions to allow the profound acceptance of one's own nature and personal potential.

The traditional denomination of Chinese massage derives from the name of TUI (push) NA (grasp) techniques. This specification defines the relevance to the traditional principles of the different manipulations. Reference is made to the thousand-year-old tradition of classical Chinese medicine in all its complexity, variety and even contradiction.

Gianluigi Flauret is also a certified instructor at the ITM - International Training Massage School, Level 5.

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Lymphatic drainage with Vodder method

Moxa - Healing by heat

TuiNa - The Taoist massage