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TuiNa - Taoist Massage for Physical and Mental Well-Being

TuiNa - Taoist Massage for Physical and Mental Well-BeingThe traditional name of Chinese massage derives from the techniques TUI (push) NA (grab). This specification defines adherence to the traditional principles of various manipulations. It refers to the millennia-old tradition of classical Chinese medicine in all its complexity, variety, and even contradictions.

Tui-na: Traditional Chinese Physical Therapy

Tuina Massage is a form of traditional Chinese physical therapy that is based on the fundamental principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to treat both physical disorders and emotional imbalances.

Origins: Tuina Massage has ancient origins and is part of the disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine, along with acupuncture and other practices.

Techniques: This type of massage is characterized by numerous maneuvers and manipulations, such as pressure, stretching, and elongation, which are combined to offer personalized treatment.

Principles: It is based on the concept of "Qi," the vital energy that flows through the body via channels called meridians. Tuina Massage aims to ensure and improve the flow of Qi.

Benefits: It is used to treat muscle and joint pain, neck pain, back pain, headaches, menstrual disorders, stress, and non-pathological anxiety states, among others.

Contraindications: Like any treatment, Tuina Massage has contraindications, such as in cases of neoplasms, recent fractures, acute or inflammatory conditions.

Tuina Massage is therefore a therapeutic art that, through body manipulation and attention to energy meridians, seeks to restore balance and promote physical and mental well-being.

Tui-na Massage is a natural methodTui-na: Skillful Practice

Tuina Massage is a natural method that expresses knowledge whose theoretical basis is classical Chinese medicine, and whose practice consists of a series of maneuvers, palpations, joint mobilizations, as well as the use of accessory techniques such as Moxibustion, cupping, plum blossom, and guasha.

Mechanisms of Action of TUINA

    • Rebalancing the body's energy
    • Enhancing organic defenses
    • Stimulating blood circulation
    • Joint action
    • Muscle action

"...if the patient and the doctor are in resonance, the disease cannot persist for long" (SU WEN chapter 14)

The concept of resonance is the backbone of the micro and macrocosm relationship and evokes Yin and Yang. Therefore, the relationship is a symbol that makes both more conscious and allows them to welcome and understand something more about themselves and become aware of their energetic state. Connecting the body to blocked emotions and perceptions allows deep acceptance of one's nature and personal potential.

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