Moxa - Healing by heat

Moxibustion is suitable for treatments of all pathologies dominated by cold and humidity, whether they have penetrated from the outside or present inside our body. Moxibustion is also useful in chronic pathologies and in pathologies characterized by strong energy and blood stasis; it serves to tone Lo Yang to oppose and expel pathogenic energies while maintaining Health. In 2010 it was declared, together with acupuncture, a cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO and inserted among the oral and intangible heritages of humanity.

moxa moxibustione castiglioncello rosignano livornoMoxibustion occurs by burning Artemisia powder or charcoals on or near the skin, in order to obtain a calorific action on the skin and, consequently, on the underlying and internal structures. Using simple powder or Artemisia cones or cigars, heating and thermal conduction radiation are obtained. Moxi-bustione tarttamento is indicated for gonalgia, cold shoulder, back pain and all cooling pathologies.

The Physiotherapist expert in Chinese medicine is able to assess the need to tone, where needed, the Yang and expel pathogenic energies, promoting the health of the patient.

At the medical center of Castiglioncello I practice Physiotherapy using the knowledge of Chinese medicine, this allows the non-use of machinery in favor of a personalization of treatments, a simplicity of use for the patient as well as a significant saving of time and money.

The result is amazing and in line with the naturalness of the healing process.

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Moxa - Healing by heat

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