Lymphatic drainage with Vodder method

Manual lymphatic massage or DLM is that set of manual techniques used to facilitate the flow of excess fluids, which the lymph collects and purifies as it passes through the lymph nodes, before returning to the blood. The massage promotes the passage of all the residues present in the tissues into the lymphatic capillaries. It eliminates the stagnation of the lymphatic circulation, stimulates the escape from the lymph nodes of the immune cells (which, passing through the blood, increase the defense capacity of the whole organism against infections of any type).

Manual lymphatic drainage, if performed by properly trained operators, can be used both medically and aesthetically.

Uno degli effetti del drenaggio -ed il beneficio più evidente- è l'effetto antiedematoso. Possiamo dire che la linfa ha la capacità di intervenire nell'eliminazione degli edemi diffusi di Siero che il sangue non riesce ad eliminare del tutto e che la linfa stessa, in condizioni normali, non è in grado di assorbire.
il metodo utilizzato è il Vodder.

Lymphatic drainage - contrary to what one might think - is a difficult technique to perform. The operator, in fact, must perfectly know the lymphatic circulation and the areas to be treated: only in this way, the drainage of the interstitial fluids and the lymph can be favored by the right manipulations. The aim is to direct the lymph towards the lymphatic areas closest to the massaged area: in this way, the superficial circulation of the lymph and its flow is facilitated.

There are contraindications to manual lymphatic massage: people with acute infections, eczema and skin spots, untreated malignancies, heart failure, renal failure, hyperthyroidism, bronchial asthma and acute asthmatic bronchitis, phlebitis and thrombophlebitis must not undergo lymphatic drainage, hypotension