studio medico castiglioncelloWhere is Gianluigi Flauret's massage studio located?

Gianluigi Flauret receives at the Studio Medico Castiglioncello, located in via Marconi n.1 in Castigioncello in the Municipality of Rosignano Marittimo (LI).

You can contact Gianluigi Flauret to find out if he can help you solve your problem. Often the energy rebalancing obtained thanks to the massage techniques practiced translates into lasting and sometimes surprising results.

Call the Castiglioncello Medical Office from Monday to Friday between 15.30 and 18.30 to book an appointment with Dr. Flauret:
0586 751198

The treatments of Studio Flauret in Castiglioncello

Insights on the treatments available at the Castiglioncello studio and news on the surroundings, local events, national thematic seminars and on the territory, noteworthy initiatives of all kinds...

Lymphatic drainage with Vodder method

Moxa - Healing by heat

TuiNa - The Taoist massage