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...for your psycho-physical well-being entrusted to a professional

In today's life you have to choose well who to trust, especially if we talk about psycho-physical well-being. In the case of physiotherapy massages, a doctor must be chosen.

Gianluigi Flauret has been practicing as a physiotherapist, sports masseur, operator and Tuina masseur, operator and teacher of thay stretching for many years. Whether it's sports massages, rehabilitation massages, Tuina massages, lymphatic drainage, massages for specific joint pains, guided stretching ... the great experience of Gianluigi Flauret will allow you to benefit safely from the treatment, usually in a few sessions!

After a functional evaluation of the patient and after listening to the patient's information on his physical condition, the treatment consists of a physiotherapy massage, with mobilizations and stretches.

The proprioception during massage increases the conception and consciousness of our body so that everyone can develop strategies to maintain [a] good health. The patient experiences a feeling of improvement in physical fitness, in particular joint mobility, greater flexibility and an improvement [improvement is quoted twice in same line, choose another term] in the emotional sphere and in the psycho-physical balance, is often also reported.

In case of need, physiotherapy sessions are supplemented by:

  • manual lymphatic drainage massage, also called DLM, the method used is the Vodder method
  • cupping
  • moxibustion

At the Medical Center of Castiglioncello Gianluigi Flauret practices Physiotherapy using the knowledge of Chinese medicine, this allows the non-use of machinery in favor of a customization of [manual]treatments, a simplicity of use for the patient as well as a significant saving of time and money.

The Physiotherapist expert in Chinese medicine is able to assess the need to tone the Yang, where needed, and expel pathogenic energies, promoting the health of the patient.

The result is amazing and in line with the naturalness of the healing process.

The treatments of Studio Flauret in Castiglioncello

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Lymphatic drainage with Vodder method

Moxa - Healing by heat

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